10 Celebrities With Truly Weird Pets


I think we can all agree that celebrities like to do weird things. Whether it’s out of boredom or just to impress the publicity, famous actors, actresses, singers, and sportsmen like to show off by buying extraordinary stuff, building bizarre homes, and owning peculiar pets. The latter seems to be a real trend now! So many celebrities are into owning exotic pets that it seems good old cats and dogs simply aren’t good enough for them. Here are 10 celebrities with truly weird pets.


Kristen Stewart has
spent too much time among vampires and werewolves, otherwise why
would she want to get a wolf as a pet? Well, actually it’s a
hybrid, only half-wolf, but he surely looks the part. His name is
Jack and according to Kristen he’s a real sweetie.


Slash from Guns n’
Roses has been a devout reptile fan for most of his rocker career.
And yet, most of the fans had no idea he liked them so much! Slash is
one of those celebs who genuinely love their pets and do everything
for their comfortable well-being. His collection of pythons has
custom-made cages and enjoys a high quality of life.


This 90s star has
led an interesting life and somehow managed to fall in love with
lemurs while she was starring in numerous movies. It’s kind of a
mystery to us, but she has an impressive number of 14 lemurs at her
care! She swears she loves each and every one of them from the bottom
of her heart. She has two people taking care of her pets 24/7.


Tori Spelling, the
former Beverly Hills 90210 star, has a super fluffy bantam
chicken as a pet. The two get along incredibly well and Tori is seen
carrying her beloved Coco literally everywhere. She even makes cute
clothes for the chicken to match her own outfits! Now that’s real
love and dedication.


Martha Stewart is a
bit of a crazy pet person – she has so many of them! Geese,
chickens, dogs, canaries, and 13 peacocks are just the tip of the
iceberg. She also has lotss horses, but birds are among her
favourites. Naturally, peacocks are the highlight of her bird
collection as they are exotic, gorgeous, and very loud. If you hear
peacocks ‘sing’ at least once – you’ll never forget the


When you think about
Nicole Kidman it’s hard to imagine what kind of pet this
sophisticated woman would have at her house. A cat, a snake, or a
garden of butterflies? Nope, Nicole Kidman is a proud owner of two
cute alpacas. She’s very attached to them and, frankly, who
wouldn’t be? These animals look like smaller versions of llamas.


Kinkajou, also known
as the ‘honey bear’ is a truly exotic wild animal from the
rainforests of South America. This makes me wonder why anyone would
have it as a pet in the first place, taking it away from its natural
habitat. No wonder the critter bit Paris Hilton back in 2006.


Justin Bieber is a notoriously awful pet-owner. For some unknown
reason he purchased a Capuchin monkey illegally, which came out when
German authorities took away the animal and checked its credentials.
To top it all, the singer didn’t take any care of the monkey, so
the poor animal was malnourished and needed special treatment when it
was taken away.


One would think that
Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy would enjoy having something sleazy and
hissing as a pet, but that’s definitely not the case with the actor
Tom Felton. He enjoys having fluffy, friendly animals as pets, that’s
why he’s a proud owner of chinchilla. The animal’s name is
Stanley and Tom Felton has been his parent since 9 years old. They
are best buddies!


Victoria Beckham presented two adorable little piggies to her husband and the couple named them after Elton John and his husband (eh, sweet?). Micro pigs are also called ‘teacup pigs’, but make no mistake – these adorable little piglets can grow up to 70 pounds!


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