10 Foods That Taste So Much Better Frozen


We all know that
certain foods taste yummy only when they’re hot (French fries,
anyone?) and there are those you should always serve cold no matter
the season (ice cream and almost every cocktail). But have you heard
about foods that taste much better after you give them a good freeze?
And I’m not talking about ice cream and similar desserts. It turns
out there exists a number of yummy foods that get a serious flavour
boost after you keep them up in your freezer for some time. Here are
10 foods that taste so much better frozen.


Gummy bear’s
texture becomes even more delicious as they get frozen and more
solid. It’s like a new type of candy!


We’ve enjoyed
froyo for decades now, and while it may seem like frozen yoghurt is
something you’ll never be able to create at home, sometimes it’s
as simple as freezing any yoghurt you like. Yep, just like that! It
works best with to-go yoghurts as they are the most balanced and come
in a variety of flavours.


Yes, this minty
goodness is pretty perfect as it is, but try giving it a little boost
by keeping it in the freezer for some time. These mints will become
super crunchy and won’t melt as fast as they usually do!


There’s hardly
anything that tastes better frozen than the marshmallow cream, also
known as ‘fluff’. While it is already a heavenly dessert, it
becomes even more finger-licking after you leave it for some time in
the freezer. Just put some on top of your ice cream or eat on its own
– it tastes delicious either way.


Frozen bananas
are like a dessert you feel you’ve always craved. Dip them in
chocolate to create some scrumptious frozen bites or layer them up
with some peanut butter to make a dessert that’ll become your #1


There’s a trick
to keep Thin Mints fresh as long as you want – simply put them in
the freezer! You can also eat them right away, enjoying the delicious


Something as
simple as frozen grapes can become your favourite snack when you want
to enjoy something fruity. Frozen grapes also make great ice cubes
and can be used to enhance any drink you like.


The creamy
filling of these delicious cupcakes turns into something that reminds
of ice cream, turning a simple sweet treat into a real delicious
dessert. You won’t be able to eat these sweets any other way once
you try freezing them.


Okay, they’ve
invented Snickers ice cream ages ago and it tastes amazing, but
frozen Snickers is just as good! It’s sweet, crunchy, and
ridiculously easy to make.


Frozen raspberries are a treat perfect all year round. They taste especially yummy if you prepare them during the warmer months and enjoy later when it gets cold and chilly. Turn them into smoothies, add to a cup of hot tea, blend into some yoghurt, or simply enjoy them as they are!


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