9 Expensive Things Lil Nas X Spends Money On Now That He’s Rich


If you became a sensational success overnight
what would be the first thing you buy with your first paycheck? Would
you immediately buy something big and impressive like a cool car? Or
would you splurge on a designer item of clothing? Perhaps you’d
purchase some art? Would you throw a party for your friends or
celebrate with your family? Or would you immediately choose to give
back and give some money to charity? Well, Lil Nas essentially became
an overnight sensation with his song Old Town Road so let’s see
what are some of the things he bought since he suddenly became rich.


the very first thing Lil Nas X splurged on was a celebration with his
family at the bowling alley. He has quite a big family so we’re
assuming he rented out the whole place and obviously paid for food,
drinks and whatever else they needed. That must’ve cost him a
couple of thousand dollars for sure. But props for using the first
paycheck to entertain the family.


let’s jump to the really big spendings. He bought Billy Ray Cyrus a
Maserati GranTurismo which cost over $100k, to share some of the
wealth with a colleague who made a remix that only spurred on the
popularity of Lil Nas X’s song and therefore made him even richer
and more famous.


a lot of money one could spend on shoes. There are certain Nike
collaborations that will set you back a couple of thousands. There’s
also limited edition sneakers that can cost a lot of money, but Lil
Nas X prefers black Air Jordans that are usually around $250 per


Most performers
put a lot of thought into what they’re going to wear on stage.
After all, this is your big moment, people came to see you and you
better not disappoint them with the show and the look. Lil Nas X
trusts the designer Jerry Lee Atwood to keep him looking fresh on
stage or at any kind of event or red carpet. How much does it cost to
get an outfit designer by Atwood? Let’s just say a lot.


Lil Nas X likes to look fresh and sparkly so it makes sense that for his bling needs he goes to King Ice. His chains are custom made and cost around $500, with pendants adding $200 per piece and those gold watches ain’t cheap either.


likes color and has a special spot in his heart for neons and pastels
so it only makes sense that Lil Nas X would get some pretty awesome
suits. He gets his suits from Christopher John Waters who’s the
go-to for unique patterns, color combination and cuts. And those cost
a pretty penny.


you’re a celebrity your casual outfits still have to be popping.
You’re gonna run into paps at some point, that’s inevitable and
pictures will be snapped. You gotta look good 24/7 and Lil Nas X
accomplishes that by wearing very cool designer jackets from Fear of
God and Missoni which usually cost around $2K and his stylish
trousers usually cost up to $1k and are by Marni, Gucci or Michael


sure likes to wear sunglasses to round out a look and Lil Nas X not
stingy when it comes to buying eyewear. He’s got a pair of shades
from Jacques Marie Mage that cost $800 and Kuboraum’s sunglasses that
are $350. On more chill days he goes for his fave King Ice, those
shades are about $100.


Just because Lil NasX got rich fast doesn’t mean he forgot where he came from. He donated $13K to help a 15-year-old boy get treatment for Lyme disease and this march he asked his followers for their cash app names and sent them money so that they could order food delivery instead of going out and risking their health during a pandemic.


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