Art At Home Challenge Goes Viral During Quarantine


This global pandemic has
got us all stuck at home and bored, but it’s not that bad. Because the longer
you’re bored the more creative you become. Think about it, how many new shows
have you discovered, how many live streams have you been part of and how many
of us have already had wine parties over skype or zoom? Yup, we’re all coming
up with ways to alleviate our boredom, be it by building forts for the kids out
of pillows, teaching your dog new tricks or testing just how smart your cat is.
Artists are painting, poets are writing, musicians are composing new stuff. But
some of us just miss the ability to go to a museum. Well, some museums are
offering creative solutions for you. The Getty museum, for example, suggested
that people try to recreate works of art using items you have at home and the
results are hilarious.


In case you want to play
along the rules listed by the Getty Museum are pretty simple. You choose a work
of art, then pick 3 items that you have at home to recreate it, do your best to
recreate it and post the photo online and tag the museum. These days many other
museums are encouraging people to do this too and you don’t even have to be
limited to just 3 items. It’s basically a great way to show your love of art
and an exercise in resourcefulness and creativity. Some people have tried their
best to recreate the works of art as close as possible, while others took a
humorous approach, either way, we urge you to look it up online and try your
hand at this challenge too. In the meantime here are some of our favourite
artwork recreations we’ve found online.


1. Who knew you could do
so much with a blanket? I mean, that is one stylish blanket.


2. This is the most
hilarious one we’ve seen so far and it’s so spot on it’s kinda freaky!


3. Girl with a pearl
earring, animal edition.


4.Young Van Gough, so
young his beard is sponsored by Sharpie markers.


5. Who said you have to
be in the picture to recreate it?


6. Modern monarchs show
off their status with the amount of toilet paper rolls they own.


7.A truly modernised
version of art.


8. The resemblance is
uncanny. Honestly, props to the author.


9. Gotta love a humorous
approach to this challenge. This is one of the best ones.


10. Man with a watch
became a man with a tin of cat food and a tote bag on his head.


11. We should take
creative photos like these more often!


12. This Van Eyck’s
masterpiece was posted on Twitter with a caption “meanwhile in Iceland”.


13. Who just has a harpe
laying around in their house?


14.So simple yet so
accurate. Love the attention to detail in this one.

15. Get the kids involved too, what a fun way to get them interested in art.


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