Embroidery Brooches Van Gough Would Be Impressed By


Some people like to express thought makeup,
some through hair color, some through meticulously chosen outfits or
fun prints on their clothes, but since minimalism has been in trend
many are choosing to express their individuality through well-picked
accessories. That might be a hat, a fun pair of shoes or perhaps a
handbag, but what about brooches? Have you considered this option?
It’s just a small detail but it can completely transform your
outfit and show off your unique tastes and interests. Brooches used
to be such a popular accessory in the past and it looks like they’re
coming back, but in a transformed, modern way that is able to fit in
with your style.


There are many different kinds of brooches out there to choose from but today we want to talk about brooches made by a Russian artist that goes by the name Fistashka.Art on Instagram. She has a truly unique style and generally makes embroidery or beaded brooches. Both kinds are generally quite colorful and incredibly detailed. They look almost as mini paintings that you can wear as an accessory. These are available for purchase on Etsy, so if you’re interested – you can find a link to the store in her Instagram bio. In the meantime, here are our favourite brooches that Fistashka.Art has made so far.


1. Get ready to
see a lot of Van Gough brooches because it seems like it’s the
artist’s favourite.


2. Frida is also
heavily featured on her Instagram and we love every single version
she’s done so far.


3. But she
doesn’t shy away from pop culture references, so here’s baby


4. More Frida,
this time with added beads. We love the detail in this one and the
bead placement works as a great way to accentuate certain features.


5. A girl with a
pearl earring looks great as an embroidered brooch, it’s a wearable
work of art now.


6. More Frida and
Van Gough, with even more beads, added. You can really see the artist
experimenting and growing and evolving on her Instagram with each
brooch she does.


7. Here’s the
latest version of the Joker, played by Joaquin Phoenix. Instantly
recognizable, don’t you think?


8. More
variations on Van Gogh and Frida Khalo. You can look at their
self-portraits forever, so why wouldn’t you get multiple brooches
of them too?


9. David Bowie as
Ziggy Stardust is such an iconic look. We’ve seen t-shirts with
this image, we’ve had pins, now you can get a brooch too.


10. Fistashka.Art
also does embroidered brooches of artworks and just cute ones of


11. Can you
recognize who these people are? It’s that famous photo of John
Lennon and Yoko Ono.


12. You can never
have too much Van Gogh, that seems to be the artist’s philosophy
and honestly, we agree with that.


13. We like to
imagine this is what Mona Lisa would look like if Van Gogh painted


14. Even more
Vang Gogh and some of his magical landscape paintings on the side.

15. And here are some famous movie characters. Yup that’s Forrest Gump and Hans Landa from Inglourious Basterds.


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