Hidden Danger: Your Favorite Foods That Are Unexpectedly High In Sugars


I’m pretty sure y’all know that
eating too much sugar can be very bad for your health. Excess sugar
consumption can cause severe health problems like cancer, type 2
diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. This is why many of us try to
eat as little sugar as possible and this is very smart. However, what
we don’t realize is that opting for ‘low fat’, ‘light’ or
‘sugar free’ products can do you more harm than good as they
usually contain more sugar than the regular version. Surprised to
hear that? Check out our list of 8 products that are surprisingly
loaded with sugars.


Surprise, surprise! Granola bar is in
no way a healthy snack. In fact, depending on the brand, a single
granola bar may contain up to 20g of sugar. It’s 5 tsps of sugar.
If you are struggling with a weight loss and looking for a snack that
is high in protein, consider to eat yogurt instead. And speaking of


While being high in protein, yogurts
can be tricky when it comes to sugar content. A cup of low-fat
yogurt, for example, may contain up to 12 tsps compared to a
full-fat, natural yogurt. As a plain, non-fat yogurt, frankly, tastes
disgusting, the sugar is added to it to bring out the flavor.


This one comes as a huge surprise to
many. How does something that is not even sweet have sugar in it?
Easy. Sugar is a great preservative and it helps even out the sour
taste of vinegar and tomatoes in it. There’s nothing bad in having
some ketchup with your fries, just try to keep in mind that there is
a whole teaspoon of sugar in one tablespoon of ketchup.


Vitaminwater is usually advertised as a
healthy alternative to regular soda drinks. However, apart from being
rich in vitamins and minerals, Vitaminwater is also heavily loaded
with sugar. Opting for a ‘zero’ version won’t be a good idea
either as it contains artificial sweeteners which is even worse. My
advice for those who are craving smth sweet and vitaminized to drink,
have a glass of water with a drop of honey and some fresh lemon juice


Having a smoothie for breakfast is my
favorite way to start off my day. And I always make my own smoothie.
Wanna know why? Because commercially produced smoothies are
ridiculously high in sugar. Manufactures sweeten them with things
like syrup, ice cream or fruit juice. It’s 24 tsps of sugar in one
serving, how do you like that, smoothie lovers?


Same story, different product. We know
that fruit juice is healthy and delicious. What we don’t know is
that packed juice is nothing better than any other soft drink. Just
like bottled smoothies, packed juice contains a higher amount of
sugar than fresh juice that is freshly made out of a whole fruit.


Well, I’m sorry to tell you this but
commercially produced ice cream is bad for you, very bad. A single
serving of ice cream contains up to 20g of sugar which is the amount
an adult is supposed to eat in a DAY. Let alone the trans fats it’s
loaded with as well.


This one is more of a reminder! An occasional candy bar never hurt anyone, just keep in mind that a regular Snickers bar contains 7 tsps of sugar in addition to trans fats and other harmful ingredients. Consume in moderation!


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