How To Survive A Deadly Global Virus By Max Siedentopf


This coronavirus we’ve
come to know as Covid-19 is causing a lot of panic and trouble across the
globe. Not only has it taken our ability to travel or hang out in pubs and bars
and movie theaters, but it’s also taken our ability to see friends, visit
relatives, have human contact with people outside of our flatmates and in some
countries it’s even taken our freedom to go outside for a walk. But you know
what it hasn’t taken? Our sense of humour and our creativity, and until we have
that we will be ok.


Whether you want to wear a facemask or you think there’s no point in wearing one, we hope you find some joy in Max Siedetopf’s humorous photos on how to survive a deadly global virus. Max Siedentopf is a fellow millennial that has found humor in a dark situation and honestly we should all strive for that too. He’s a Namibian-German visual artist that works across all media including video, photography, creative direction and everything in-between. He is also the founder of Ordinary Magazine.


According to the about
section on his website, Max grew up in Windhoek, Namibia and worked in Berlin,
Los Angeles and Amsterdam. These days he’s based in London. From 2013 Max
Siedentopf has been a creative director of the ‘legendary and unorthodox”
creative agency Kesselskramer and is the only one that has worked at all three
of their offices and became the youngest partner at age 25.


Max was inspired by some
of the most ridiculous yet creative solutions people came up with when they
found themselves in shortage of surgical masks but still wanting to protect
themselves from the virus. You might think some of these are way out there in
levels of ridiculousness but if you go to Max’s website you’ll see the original
inspirations that he based these creative posters on. 


1.Plastic bottle? Yeah,
why not, I mean you can’t get virus droplets through plastic can you?


2. Another creative
solution and you get to reuse a juice bottle or a milk carton, that’s probably
even more environmentally friendly, right?


3. Why does this make me
nauseous? Are we expecting the smell of feet to kill the virus? Then again,
perhaps if the smelly feet are potent enough it might just work.


4. In case you’re one of
those actually crazy vegans (no disrespect to sane vegans) and believe that
veggies are a cure for everything.


5. Protecting is
important but snacks are just as important if you ask me. And is there a better
snack than Nutella?


6. If it protects you
from STDs, STIs and unwanted pregnancies with 97% certainty, so who knows,
maybe they will protect you from the coronavirus too?

7. Let’s get creative
ladies, if you don’t have a surgical mask, you probably have a few of these you
could improvise with?

8. Aren’t Tesco bags the
ultimate hero of our days? They help us carry our food, they will protect you
from the rain, you might as well give them a shot against covid-19.

9. No viruses are camping on my grounds today.


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