Meet Ikiru The Cat King Of Blep


Some cats are graceful, some are silly, some are feisty and others are majestic. But you know what’s the best thing about cats in my opinion? That time they get their tongue stuck ever so slightly because they got distracted mid-lick. We’ve come to call that a blep. Seriously, google it, blep is the word and multiple sources have a definition for it. Most cats and even dogs look absolutely adorable when they have a portion of their tongue hanging out but it looks like we’ve found the true king of blep and his name is Ikiru.


Ikiru is an exotic shorthair and before you
even think to ask – he’s an absolutely healthy boy. He just likes making faces
and his owners Emma and Rich have a knack for snapping pictures of his best


In fact, the picture is what drew Rich and
Emma to Ikiru. They first saw a photo of this cat on the breeder’s website and
absolutely fell in love with the kitty. Once they contacted the breeder and
were able to come meet the little cat they were absolutely sure that they
needed this little fluff ball in their life. And four weeks later they got to take
him home.


Ikiru is named after one of Akira Kurosawa
films, and coincidentally ‘ikiru’ means ‘to live’ or ‘living’ in Japanese,
which is very fitting because Ikiru the cat is a very lively and energetic and
playful cat. He loves going through tunnels or hiding under blankets of pieces
of paper. Another one of his hobbies is to lay down upside down in corners and
stare at his owners, he often blep in this position too.


Ikiru is a social media star, his Instagram account has 48k followers and that’s a lot of people tuning in all the time to see a cute cat. But as Emma and Rich say, his ability to make funny faces amuses people and brightens their day. They get a lot of messages from people all over the world on the daily telling them how much they adore Ikiru, some even send it fanart of the cute kitty which makes them feel extra happy.


Rich and Emma have been pretty amazing at documenting Ikiru’s life on Instagram, so if you want to see him and his blep face you should definitely follow him. Ikiru has quite the range. I mean you’ve seen cats do silly blep faces, but this one can do sleepy blep, funny blep, confused blep and even grumpy blep. I mean, if cats could get Oscars for this stuff he’d definitely win one.



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