Out Of The Frame: Classic Art Reimagined In Modern Fashion Photography


“Art Frame Design” is a new Instagram account that merges classic art with modern urban and fashion photography. The person behind the project is Michael T from the webzine “Milkshake” who reimagined what famous characters from classic paintings would look like if they were living in our contemporary world. And he does so by harmoniously framing classic paintings into modern fashion photos. Michael T. might not be a graphic designer, but he really is an art lover!


the author


We know little more than nothing about Michael
T. (Michael Thibault). It looks like that before starting out the project “Art
Frame Design” in 2018, the sales manager from France had never been engaged in
any creative activities. However, he did start a blog about contemporary art
and design on his website. Other than that, Michael’s got a pretty good
understanding of classic art as well. How else would you explain his amazing
ability to find paintings that would perfectly match his collages?


“Art Frame Design” project was born


It all started when Michael was looking for
the visuals to post on Milkshake, and since he couldn’t find any, he decided to
take an initiative and do it himself. He took one of Van Gogh’s portraits and
beautifully framed it into a fashion photo. The reimagined photo of Van Gogh
got so many positive comments, likes, and shares on Instagram that Michael
decided to make more. People liked his work so much that he came up with an
idea to turn this series of photographs into an art project, later named as
“Art Frame Design”.




The “Art Frame Design” project has already
gone viral and Michael Thibault has no intention to stop. His Instagram is
saturated with more than a hundred photos of his work, and new posts are coming
every few days. First, Amedeo Modigliani, Frida Kahlo, and Leonardo da Vinci
had joined Van Gogh and kept him company. Later, Pablo Picasso and Jean-Michel
Basquiat joined the gang.


art characters roaming the streets


You may have already noticed that some of the artist’s works are more surrealistic than the others. And, in this article’s author humble opinion, I personally like those pieces where all the photo elements perfectly fit together. It makes it look like that it is supposed to be like that. That leather jacket would be the outfit of choice for Van Gogh. Or that Leonardo da Vinci would make a really stylish hipster fella. And that if Marilyn Monroe would live in 2019, she would definitely go for denim jeans and t-shirt with rolled up sleeves look.



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