Russian Artist Makes Unusual Yet Realistic Jewelry


If you love unusual accessories and truly out there jewellery you might like these mouth brooches by Katy Gotye. She’s an artist from Sochi, Russia. Katy likes creating unusual yet realistic-looking things. Katy is an artist, designer and photographer by profession, she went to art school and has a college degree. She particularly likes creating brooches of very realistic looking lips but with a creative twist, some of them have vampire teeth, others have tentacle tongues, but all of them glisten in this ultra-realistic way that might give you the wiggles or make you want to buy one as soon as possible.


Katy’s favourite
material to work with is polymer clay. She first started experimenting with it
in 2016 and immediately fell in love. Now she calls it a magical material that
helps her bring her unique visions to life. Katy loves discovering new
techniques and strives for excellence in her work, and once you see her
creations you’ll have no doubt about it.


1. Ultra-realistic lips,
vampire teeth and creepily long tongues? It’s definitely unusual, but at the
same time kinda cool, right?


2. Split tongues anyone?
Perhaps you were always curious about these but was never brave enough to get
this done. Now you have a chance to get a brooch like that.


3. Festive vibes for
everyone! This could make a very memorable gift for someone.


4. These creepy flowers
with teeth exist, Katy made them, and therefore there must be people who are
into them.


5. Just looking at these
kind of makes you want to get a similar piercing, or is it just me?


6. Cute versions of lip
brooches, for those who aren’t into the slightly creepy vibes. You can always
get the cute colorful ones.


7. Anyone else getting
Ursula vibes from this? If Tim Burton was in charge of The Little Mermaid we’re
sure he’d love this idea for Ursula.


8. A truly unique way of
presenting an engagement ring. Would you say yes if your partner proposed with


9. Tentacle tongues are
a common thing in Katy’s pieces. And we’ve got to give it to her, no matter how
weird it is – she makes it look super realistic.


10. Back to super weird
monster teeth and creepily long tongues. Monster mouths would probably make a
great accessory for a themed party.


11. I call these
particular brooches cute but badass. I mean golden teeth? Very cool. Little
cute vampire teeth and a cross on the lip? Sign me up.

12. While Katy is mostly focused on lips, she does other realistic jewellery from polymer clay too. Here are some tooth earrings. How weird are these?


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