The 8 Best Animated Villains You Will Remember


Villains are often shown in movies and cartoons as lonely or at least alienated. In most cases, they work alone and their goal is some sort of revenge. But that’s not always the case. There are plenty of evil couples in the media too. And today we’d like to talk about the best animated villain couples. Chances are you forgot they even existed, but you’ve definitely seen them on TV in your childhood.


These were obviously the designated villains of this animated “reality show”. They both had the goal of winning the million dollars at the end and it wasn’t even a secret. And oh my god, the drama that went on with these two definitely made the title of this show ring true.


If you watched this animated series you will know that David Xanatos was a rich and power-hungry businessman who figured out a way to break the spell that imprisoned the gargoyles in stone for thousands of years. It sounds like a good thing to do, but he was seeking personal benefit from it, not for the greater good. Later on, he met Fox and together they attempted to control and manipulate the gargoyles.


These two are an odd couple, Johnny is a manipulative womanizer with a rebellious side and Kitty knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it. But are they truly evil? I mean they’re definitely the villains of the show but they’re mainly just annoying and chaotic and like to cause a bit of trouble, but not truly evil.


In the second season of the show, it was revealed that every fairy has an anti-fairy and they’re the exact opposite of them in every way possible. So Anti-Cosmo was a power-hungry evil genius and Anti-Wanda was evil but rather stupid buffoon. Their whole point was to shower bad luck and misfortune on humankind.


These are probably the only two villains in animated series that actually put more effort into achieving their common goals than messing about professing their feelings for each other. Don’t get us wrong, they definitely have feelings for each other but the greater evil is more important to them.


These two are possibly the funniest villains on the list. Just because all their evil scheming is about stealing the recipe for the burger. I mean as far as evil plans go – that one is just so absurd, not to mention that they’re a tiny plankton and a waterproof supercomputer, but that’s Spongebob for you.


These are classic textbook villains, no doubt about it. They dress in black, have Russian sounding names and even speak with weirdly Transylvanian accents. They kind of look like vampires, are super pale, have jet black hair, they look like they are black and white characters in a colorful cartoon and their last names are very obviously evil sounding. All they do is scheme against the moose and squirrel and use a lot of explosives. I mean, how much more evil can you get?


These two don’t even need an introduction. The Joker and Harley Quin are legendary villains. The Joker is twisted and evil, to begin with, while Harley Quinn starts out as a psychiatrist that falls for his evil charm. Even their relationship is twisted, with the Joker being mean to Harley yet she always comes back to him. And of course, their ultimate goal is to kill Batman or make some trouble purely for their own entertainment.


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