Why You Should Be Jumping On The Facial Jewelry Trend Train Right Now


How much do you know about facial jewelry? If
you are like me, a person who doesn’t know much about fashion and beauty
trends, the first thing that would come to mind after seeing these two words
would be pierced eyebrows, lips, noses, or maybe cheeks. But, no, I’m not
talking about facial piercing here, this stuff has been around for a long time.
I’m talking about a new kind of experimental jewelry created by a new
generation of extremely talented jewelry artists. Something truly beautiful and
unique. So how about we take a look at some of the most extravagant of them?


Based in London, Emma Ware is a talented
jewelry designer and an environmental activist. Her first jewelry pieces were
made out of recycled bicycle tires. Her latest collection Celestial is made out of recycled silver. This collection features
a number of particularly fascinating pieces: septum and a nose cuff.


This concisely provocative brand was created by
two Russian friends – a set-designer Marina Spirina and a photographer Elena
Sarapultseva. Girls worked together on several photo projects that involved
jewelry before they came up with an idea for the brand. Pêche Péché Amateur’s
jewelry has a very simple design with quite a provocative meaning. The
designers admit they try to give “a new meaning” to regular things and “find a
new use for words”


Here we have another London based designer who couldn’t come to terms with the fact that only women are supposed to wear jewelry. He would go like: “men also have ears, wrists, and fingers, why can’t they wear what they like?”. This is why his jewelry is gender-neutral, he blurs the lines between male and female jewelry which gives us the freedom to wear exactly what we like.


Being a huge fan of Lord Of the Rings, I can tell
you I dig this one. This is what Arven would wear if she lived in 2020.


Claudia’s edgy and avant-garde jewelry distort
faces in ways that might seem challenging for a conventional eye.


Ewa Nowak is not exactly a jeweler. She’s
actually a sculptor who works mainly with metal. Ewa made a name thanks to her
genius and, frankly, very stylish creation – a minimalistic facial mask that
blocks facial recognition. I’m telling you if I weren’t a four-eyed, I’d
definitely wear this incognito mask.


People are obsessed with the way they look and
would do anything to modify their faces in order to fit in a certain standard.
This series reflects just that. And it’s both sad and fascinating.


Keren came up with an idea to start her own
jewelry line when she created her first piece of jewelry for her own wedding.
Today Keren Wolf designs wedding accessories, such as unusual headpieces and
bizarre jewelry. Remember the piece of facial jewelry Solange Knowles was
wearing on the cover of the “When I Get Home” album? It was designed by Keren
Wolf. Wolf also designed jewelry for Lady Gaga for her Joanne world tour.


This Moscow based brand offers a lot of really awesome luxury pieces like portupeyas, body jewelry, massive rings and facial masks made of metal elements and gem beads. Celebrities like Alessandra Ambrosio have been frequently spotted wearing jewelry pieces designed by this young but very promising brand.


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